Climbing the menopause mountain group therapy

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Open to all
£20 per session
219B Leigh Road, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, SS9 1JA

If you are climbing the menopause mountain, then we are looking for you!

It can be a challenging time in our lives. The fallout from the menopause and perimenopause is often more than physical and can affect our whole way of being. 

To offer support with this we are putting together a small group of women for some therapy and psycho-education sessions.

Over four weeks we will be discussing:

  • Identity - who are you? How is that changing? Who would you like to be?
  • Self-esteem - are you struggling to hold yourself in high esteem with all that life is throwing at you currently? What would help you to feel better about yourself?
  • Relationships - where are you in your family and romantic relationships, would you like to see change here, how would that work?
  • Habits - what is going to help as you approach the next phase of your life? We will discuss sleep, eating, self-care and much more.

So come along and unpack what’s going on for you, accompanied by two qualified, interested and empathic counsellors. 

Our group will run from the middle of September for 90 minutes on a Friday morning with no more than 8 members. The cost will be £100 and we are offering an early bird discount. 

Book before the end of August and save £20. We can only run with six or more members, so will let you know once the group is filled. The ticket price is for the first week only, you will be sent an invoice for the rest to be paid after the first session.

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Hosted by Debbie Livermore

As an experienced therapist, menopause is something that often comes up in my sessions. I see client's identities shift as they go through the menopause, tolerance for certain behaviours shrinks. This can leave relationships floundering. I will be joined by my colleague Keeley Salmon who has an interest in Positive Psychology as well as humanistic

Hosted by Debbie Livermore