Anger energy vs aggression

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27th May 2022, 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Open to all

Anger is a healthy emotion. We need our anger energy to achieve and mobilise, and connect to the desired in a healthy way. It is what we do with our anger that is questionable.

This will be an experiential workshop (not recorded or shared anywhere). 

This webinar will explain what is happening and show how you can work with your clients anger in a safe, boundaried way. 

From the session, you will gain awareness:

  • That anger is a secondary emotion.
  • That nothing can be achieved without anger energy. 
  • That aggression needs fuel.
  • Other emotions trigger unhealthy use/aggressive anger. 
  • Ways of reducing/spend undesired/explosive anger. 

From this session, you will have a good understanding of how our emotions are linked and see that the undesired emotion is not the problem but a signpost to the solution. Learn how to bring about change for yourself and others in your life by using your anger in a healthy way.

Visit Eventbrite and follow for future updates. Do let your peers know its available.  

Some recent feedback from other webinars:

2chair work 04/11/21: "I've just attended Stefan's Two Chair/Empty Chair workshop and it opened up innumerable new possibilities for my client work. I learnt ways to use two/chair/empty chair approaches with my phone clients as well as my face-to-face and online clients. The metaphors Stefan used were simple, powerful and memorable - I intend to use some of them in my private practice. My approach includes working with people who hold religious/spiritual beliefs, and I can see how helpful putting God in the chair might be!" - JA

October 2021: "I loved the creative process where valued interventions of what to say, what not to say to any client. I also liked Stefan your relaxed way of presenting / training and you are creative with your live demonstrations with puppets and a whiteboard. To be honest; I thought I might find 3 hours too long but it went very quick because it was so interesting. I will definitely be booking more training and have already planned to do the next trauma workshop. I am more skilled now and you accepted my fear- the thinking process – and acknowledged, kindly, my most recent bereavement of a very beloved dog and hey, you know what? It will happen again." - SD 

"Attended Stefan’s workshop last night and was impressed with the approach. It was immediate, efficacious, compassionate and tailored to the individual, or couples or groups, needs because it is based entirely on their words and observations. Recommended for all open-minded therapists who want to add to their toolbox and repertoire for their clients benefit; that must be just about everybody, right? Message Stefan, he is welcoming, highly experienced and accommodating, you won’t be disappointed unless you’re determined to be? And even then you’ll find it hard to be I’d say!" - BR

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Hosted by Stefan Charidge

I have been in full-time private practice for over 20 years and delivered trainings on various topics including Anger Management, Gestalt, Architypes and Psychodrama. I am an accredited psychotherapist, counselling supervisor. Do follow for updates via:https:


Hosted by Stefan Charidge

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