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Nature provided us with a wealth of inbuilt resources to help us get our innate physical and emotional needs met.

They are a fundamental part of being human, what we call human ‘givens’, and can be usefully thought of as internal guidance systems that not only enable us to survive but to achieve remarkable things. They have been continuously refined over thousands of years and are still evolving.

A lot of attention is given to the importance of ensuring that people’s innate emotional and physical needs are met well – but our resources are an integral part of this: if they are not fully developed, or are misused or even damaged, we can suffer greatly.

A clear understanding of these guidance systems, how they work and what they do for us, is essential if you wish to help others, improve our society, or understand yourself and those around you better. This is especially true if you are an involved parent, teacher, manager, or any kind of therapist. If you work with, or for, others you need this knowledge – understanding what makes us all ‘tick’ should be at the heart of everything we do.

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