8 essential online mental health course bundle: HG diploma-linked

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The eight online mental health courses bundle includes: 

  • How to break the cycle of depression.
  • From stress to psychosis: How to prevent mental illness.
  • Effective brief psychotherapy.
  • Understanding anxiety – and managing it without drugs.
  • Effective anger management.
  • Understanding and treating addictions – the essential information you need to know.
  • How to make counselling more effective.
  • Good practice: Ethics for the caring professions.

The courses are taught by the co-founders of the human givens approach, Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell.

  • All count towards the Human Givens College Psychotherapy Diploma Part 1.
  • All come with life-long access.
  • Accredited CPD 

Find out more: humangivens.com/college/online-diploma-linked-bundle/

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Hosted by Human Givens College

Accredited CPD Training: Human Givens College has been providing training in the best ways to treat mental health and behavioural problems for over 20 years. Our clear, practical mental health training and our psychotherapy diploma give you the key information and skills you need to help people overcome their difficulties as quickly as possible.

Hosted by Human Givens College