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Narcissists, although sometimes seen as just an annoyance, can actually do real damage to the people around them, according to an article in Bustle.

Bustle gave its readers the following strategies: recognise the competitiveness; understand that she is unlikely to change; trace how her behaviour has influenced yours; don’t feed the inner voice; distinguish between conditional and unconditional love; do not allow other narcissists to come along for the ride and to consider cutting her off.

Quoting a Counselling Directory article, the Bustle article stated:

“The Counselling Directory recommends that one of the main ways that daughters can heal from a narcissistic mother is to “[recognize] the internalized messages of conditional love and the effects in your life and relationships, both with others and yourself.””

To read more on the topic, take a look at Bustle’s article.

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Written by Amie Sparrow

Written by Amie Sparrow

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