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MBACP~online~in-person~ADHD+Autism specialist~16 yrs
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Worthing, West Sussex, BN13
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

I'm Shauna, human first and counsellor second 🙏🏾 I have 16 years experience in purely private practice. Are you looking for a counsellor with a fresh and modern approach? Suffering with anxiety? Do you want to make some changes? Are you looking for someone warm, intuitive and approachable? Need someone professional, emphatic and Non-judgmental to talk to? Want couples counselling? Feeling anxious, suicidal or depressed? Confused, angry or sad?

I have a vast experience in Autism and ADHD. Although I am unable to diagnose these, I am able to work with you to look at traits and feelings around neurodivergence. I am then able to begin the process with you to help you seek an assessment which could lead to diagnosis. There has been a recent surge in females getting their much needed diagnosis in ADHD and Autism, as awareness is now at its highest, with more understanding of how it can manifest in women, females are being diagnosed later in life. 

I have vast experience in working with suicidal feelings, relationships, eating disorders, health anxiety and PTSD. 

I specialise in only working with females. I became a counsellor to be there for women who are feeling alone, or feel that there is 'no way out'. I believe that I am a counsellor with humility and total passion for my work. I am warm, intuitive and approachable. I know it can feel so difficult to make a first move with starting counselling, and for some of you, reading this, could be a huge step in itself. I am here to answer any questions you may have and take the process at your own pace. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

I am a qualified and highly experienced Humanistic Counsellor and practice in Worthing, West Sussex. I offer a safe confidential and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship in which you can explore personal or difficult issues that may be causing you distress.

Feeling anxiety, pain or anger and coping with personal difficulties can feel unbearable, isolating and debilitating, sometimes these feelings can be relentless and it is difficult to see an end to your anxiety or pain. You can often feel very alone. It is important for you tofind someone to trust, who feels safe enough to help you in understand difficult feelings, and who is not directly involved in your situation. Counselling can help you think about unhelpful or unhealthy relationship patterns, or support your recovery from trauma or loss and help you see your way through and learn to cope better with any number of complex and difficult situations. Working alongside a counsellor will help you to feel supported and not alone in your journey.

I offer an emotionally supportive, safe and calming atmosphere I work predominately from a person-centered perspective, I often draw upon psychoanalytical theory as I believe this can be helpful in thinking about problems and distress in the present that can sometimes be related to earlier experiences or relationships in ourlives. Understanding this can help you in gaining insight and clarity into present difficulties, relationship patterns, confusing feelings and develop new coping mechanisms.

A professional and insightful counselling relationship established and built upon over a period of time help you to increase in self awareness, and provide you with an environment that may help to facilitate change. Person-centered counselling practice is a 'talking therapy', I will provide the coreconditions and gently encourage you to explore issues on a deeper level without you feeling criticised or judged. Counselling is an opportunity to have the space, time and relationship to consider how you think about and respond tolife's events and situations, past or present. It is an opportunity to explore options and different ways of coping. The experience of sharing your thoughts and feelingswith another individual can relieve your feelings that you are entirely alone with your difficulties. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace and explore at levels which feel comfortable and manageable for you.

Maybe you feel that you need some space and time that is just “yours” to find out who you are or who you want to become, where you aregoing and how you are going to achieve goals or work toward change, and move away from the demands or pressures of others, or the stress of life. Having counselling is a space for you to reflect and feel supported in transitions of change or recovery, a place where you can explore issues which may be preventing you from getting the most out of your life and fulfilling your potential.

I have a private clinic here in Worthing, which is safe, confidential and calming. There is plenty of free parking outside and really easy to access. I offer COVID-SAFE sessions and will provide any client who is visiting for face to face sessions with lateral flow tests each week.

Client Testimonials, used with full permission, please also look at my Instagram for more testimonials;

Shauna is truly one-of-a-kind. I’d never engaged in any counselling before and was very apprehensive, but Shauna put me at ease and made me feel safe instantly. In contrast to what I assumed counselling to be like, she creates such a friendly, cosy and safe space - even online - where every emotion or thought is valid and accepted (no clipboards or clinical-looking rooms here!) Shauna’s warm approach and amazing attention to detail has made me feel like we’ve faced my battles together and has prevented me from feeling alone in my most difficult times. I couldn’t recommend a therapist highly enough - especially if this is your first time.

When I first met Shauna she really pulled me out the darkness and helped shine a light on the truth of my situation and my sense of self-worth. She enabled me to find the strength to make one of the hardest but best decisions for myself I could of made and for that I really be forever thankful.

Shauna helped me a great deal when I was going through a lot at a young age and didn’t know how to cope with my emotions. She is an excellent listener and makes you feel at ease and safe to explore your feelings. I first worked with Shauna when I was a young teen and I had previously struggled to open up in counselling sessions but she was able to get through to me and quickly earned my trust. I would recommend Shauna to anyone who feels they could benefit from counselling.

I have turned to Shauna twice now, the first time in person and the second on-line and both times she has been equally warm, caring and empathetic. She has even gone to the trouble to message in between sessions to check in on me, which has made me feel so supported and less alone during some really difficult times. I know she is 100% on my side, is always rooting for me and has helped me see my own worth when I couldn’t. She knows when to sit back and listen and when to step in and help steer you when you feel lost. I whole-heartedly recommend sessions with Shauna. It’s the best self-care you can give yourself.

I originally contacted Shauna because of CFS (partly triggered by a past trauma) and related anxiety issues I was having. I was immediately relaxed by Shauna's warm, calm and understanding personality to the point where at times it became like chatting to a good friend, not to belittle the work done or the professional manor in which Shauna conducted the sessions - I was just very comfortable and at ease with her. Having now completed my counselling sessions with her I can highly recommend her to anyone with similar problems to me or indeed anyone experiencing a mental health issue. She used a wide range of counselling techniques and I have taken away many 'tools' that I can use whenever I face issues. Although she always claimed I was doing the work, her guidance and reassurance was key. I felt that her expertise in counselling was so beneficial to me that it has potentially changed my outlook of life for good.

Working with Shauna has been immensely supportive and reassuring. She has helped me move beyond some very traumatic events, by exploring them (at my own pace, when I was ready) and letting me make sense of my reactions to them. I have always felt without question that Shauna was there for me, whether my week has been great, devastating or indifferent. She is sensitive, intuitive and draws seamlessly on a number of therapy approaches, allowing her to help me 'heal' my past, deal with the present and give me the tools to cope with the future.

Shauna, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I have been able to see things clearer and work through issues I have been burying for years! thank you for being warm, understanding and there for me relentlessly. i will miss our sessions but feel able to use the confidence I developed during counselling in the outside world. I will never forget you, Thanks again.

I contacted Shauna initially for some counselling after experiencing anxiety and difficulties in a close relationship. Having worked with Shauna over the period of nineteen sessions, I felt able to cope better with my emotions and how I conduct myself in this particular relationship. I have to say, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and therapy isn't an easy way out! Shauna was really supportive and I really felt she was non-judgmental and I felt very safe with her. I am still learning how to 'be', and this is ongoing for me but without my therapy with Shauna, I would not be half as calm and happy as I am now. I can fully recommend that anyone who is seeking therapy contact Shauna, I was really scared while looking for a counsellor but Shauna put me at ease right from the start, I will really miss her.

When I first contacted Shauna I was at rock bottom. Having a history of suicidal attempts and thoughts, I was stuck in a dark and scary place. I knew I needed some support. Shauna has been incredible. It felt like she always knew what to say when others didn't have a clue. I have been able to find ways to cope. I am alive and know I have reasons to be alive. I couldn't see this before. Shauna's support has been invaluable. She has been warm, safe and there for me when I have needed her. I have now ended my counselling and know that Shauna will be there if I need to go back. My life is totally changed since starting counselling, I can't thank Shauna enough.

Over the many months working together Shauna used a person centred approach to explore aspects of depression, suicide, self image, relationships, sexual issues, feelings of loss, and day to day coping strategies. She has also helped with my post traumatic stress disorder symptoms by working on creating a safe environment for me to explore my areas of trauma. Shauna treats me with great respect and care. I have nothing but praise for her and all she has done to support me. Her attention to detail and timing means I am always able to leave our sessions feeling safe. I am never rushed or hurried. Shauna has worked with me through the extreme lows of my depression, acted as my advocate during my period in psychiatric hospital and supported my personal journey, through artistic endeavours, to tell my story. She has helped me to realise that my experiences are valuable and that I too am valued by others.

Having worked with Shauna in counselling for the last nine months, I can safely say that starting counselling was the best decision I have ever made. Not just that, but choosing Shauna as my counsellor was the best choice I could have made. I have found sessions with Shauna absolutely calming, safe and I have felt able to talk over the most horrific things that have prevented me living a full and happy life. Shauna has helped me overcome some serious issues with self harming and suicidal thoughts. I have been able to address issues I had with my family and past relationships with Shauna's support. She has been kind, caring, gentle and shown me that I can feel in control and take counselling at my own pace. I hope to continue to move forwards in my life and I know that I can see Shauna again if I need to.

Counselling with you was really helpful. When I was struggling and alone in my darkness, your warm nature and reflective insight helped me through. I remember one particular time I was off work and anxious about going back, but after discussing how to do this I felt empowered to manage my anxiety. I was in a dark place at the time and I am not sure I would have got out of it without our weekly sessions.

Finishing counselling was almost as scary as the thought of starting... scary in a different way... scary in a 'I am facing the world' kind of way. My sessions with Shauna have helped me to face my issues around food and eating and weight and control. It has been hard. But truly brilliant. I can now say that I am in control of my life in a balanced and safe way. Shauna has been the best counsellor, she has been insightful, intuitive and gentle in her approach. Walking with me on my journey and allowing me to open up bit by bit. I will miss Shauna and the weekly sessions, knowing she is there for me no matter what. I now know, I can be there for me, no matter what. I am giving up my stabilisers... and riding free! Thanks for everything Shauna.

Working with Shauna has helped me really explore why I had been feeling the way I have and to validate my feelings and emotions in a safe space, to help understand where I needed to put boundaries in place moving forward. We were able to work really hard as to why and where certain feelings came from and know that it was okay to feel that way. And most importantly understand myself. Shauna is a really comforting and reassuring therapist to work with who is very understanding of any trauma you have been through in the past, nothing is ever too much. 

I have really enjoyed my time with Shauna as she has helped take the weight off my shoulders and I feel like I’m free and I can breathe again. She has supported me throughout my therapy journey and is a really trustworthy person to talk to. I cannot thank her enough for the continued support and compassion. 

Having met with two other counsellors, prior to finding Shauna, it really showed me how her approach was so unique and different to the previous two. Shauna has approached every session with kindness, compassion, empathy and even humour, which has helped so much. Sessions didn’t feel stressful or always too serious and I was able to open up and share some pressing issues which have affected me due to and since covid. She has been the best counsellor for me and can’t thank her enough! 

I have just finished two years of therapy with Shauna, I came to her a counsellor in training and now qualified. Shauna has supported me not only to work on my own “stuff”, but to navigate the intricacies of counselling training. I am so thankful to have found Shauna and been able to work so closely with her throughout this time. I feel she has made me the counsellor I will become, and I’ve learned so much from her. I will miss you Shauna, thank you for everything. 

Shauna has helped me navigate a lengthy autism diagnosis and allowed me to fully be myself in therapy, something that I’ve never experienced previously. Shauna has helped with my confidence and self acceptance around a lot of issues and feelings. I have a better understanding of myself and my needs and how I can communicate these to others. It’s not been an easy process but Shauna was an incredible therapist and supported me through it all. I was able to put my trust in her, which is often tricky for me to do. 

Please see my Instagram for more testimonials. 

Training, qualifications & experience

As well as an undergraduate degree, I completed my Post-Graduate, Masters level, professional training at The University of Brighton, It has a reputation for both clinical and academic excellence and is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and affiliated to the Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (UPCA). BACP is the largest professional body for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK and ensure the highest professional standards. This training requires a substantial amount of on-going clinical experience and supervision, theoretical understanding and personal psychotherapy.

In addition to my Post-Graduate Diploma in person-centered counselling, I also hold a further first degree and qualifications in Information, Advice and Guidance.

Humanistic counselling derives from person centered-counselling which was devised by Carl Rogers. It is based on the assumption  that a client seeking help in the resolution of a problem they are experiencing, can enter into a relationship with a counsellor who is sufficiently accepting and permissive to allow the client to freely express any emotions and feelings. This will enable the client to come to terms with negative feelings, which may have caused emotional problems, and develop inner resources. The objective is for the client to become able to see himself as a person, with the power and freedom to change, rather than as an object. (BACP)

My continued professional development has allowed me to develop a focus on Psychoanalytic theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Couples Therapy. This further learning has equipped me to work in an integrative way- drawing upon theories and approaches to best suit your needs.

Brighton and Hove has one of the highest rates of completed suicides in the United Kingdom. I am fully trained in ASIST; Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training, which is the most widely used intervention in suicide prevention. As a fully trained professional, I am able to have a better awareness of those people who have thoughts of suicide, seek a shared understanding of the reasons for thoughts of suicide and the reasons for living, review current risk and develop a plan to increase safety from suicidal behaviour for an agreed amount of time and follow up on all safety commitments and accessing further help as needed.

I have over twenty years of experience working in areas such as Police, Probation and court work, families and young people with multiple complex needs, women and children who are fleeing domestic violence, mentally disordered offenders, survivors of suicide and service management.

I have vast experience in setting up and managing counselling services within schools, as well as supervising fellow Counsellors within the role.

For the last sixteen years, I have worked purely in private practice. 

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, (MBACP) This professional body has codes of ethics to which I adhere, and complaints procedures which ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and professional practice. I am fully insured. I have regular Supervision.

Member organisations

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

BACP is one of the UK’s leading professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy with around 60,000 members. The Association has several different categories of membership, including Student Member, Individual Member, Registered Member MBACP, Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Accred) and Senior Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Snr Acccred).

Registered and accredited members are listed on the BACP Register, which shows that they have demonstrated BACP’s recommended standards for training, proficiency and ethical practice. The BACP Register was the first register of psychological therapists to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

Accredited and senior accredited membership are voluntary categories for members who choose to undertake a rigorous application and assessment process to demonstrate additional standards around practice, training and supervision.

Individual members will have completed an appropriate counselling or psychotherapy course and started to practise, but they won’t appear on the BACP Register until they've demonstrated that they meet the standards for registration. Student members are still in the process of completing their training.

All members are bound by the BACP Ethical Framework and a Professional Conduct Procedure.

Other areas of counselling I deal with

I work only with adult female clients. I am able to work with many issues as listed but I have specialist experience working particularly with clients experiencing:

  • Autism or ADHD 
  • Suicidal feelings/ loss through suicide
  • Workplace stress 
  • Relationship breakdown  
  • Infertility 
  • Bereavement through suicide
  • Self harm
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and/or trauma
  • Anxiety disorders and depression
  • Obsessional thoughts and rituals
  • Victims and witnesses of crime
  • Abuse, in particular emotional domestic abuse/ coercive control
  • Eating disorders
  • Couples counselling 

I have 20 years experience in working with people with multiple complex needs, and 16 years working directly in Private Counselling Practice.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties with an issue listed above or a combination of a number of them, I am able to work with you to find a way through your distress.

Please note, I do not work with under 18’s. 

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£75.00 per session
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

Usually, I work with clients on an open ended, long term basis, alternatively, I can offer time limited counselling focusing on one specific problem - this is generally for six to twelve sessions, this can be negotiated to best suit your needs. I offer couples counselling. When we have agreed what would be most helpful to you, we can then arrange a regular day and time each week to meet, as the counselling process needs a commitment to weekly sessions. I offer one to one, couples, online and telephone counselling. I offer Skype/ FaceTime counselling sessions for those who might find this more comfortable.

Each session lasts for fifty minutes.

One to one counselling sessions £75 each session
Couples counselling sessions £150 each session
Letter of support  £150 
Trainee counsellor sessions £70 each session

The initial online consultation is free of charge and lasts 30 minutes. This is usually an online call or voice call, whatever is most comfortable for you. 

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

I currently have availability, please message me and I can give you some options that fit in with you. 

Further information

My private practice is at my clinic in Worthing, where you will be warmly welcomed. The room is calming, quiet and confidential. There will be tea!

As well as some daytime, I offer evening appointments. 

I understand that making the first move with starting counselling can be difficult, please get in touch to discuss how counselling with me can help, you can call me on 07908720169 or email me here. 

Worthing, West Sussex, BN13

Type of session

In person

Types of client

Young adults (18-24)
Adults (25-64)
Older Adults (65+)

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DBS check

In England and Wales, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly known as CRB) carry out criminal records checks for individuals working with vulnerable groups, such as children. To find out more, visit , or contact this professional directly

Wheelchair user access
Wheelchair user access

Wheelchair-accessible premises should have step-free access for wheelchair users and individuals who are unable to climb stairs. If a Counsellor's premises aren't step-free, they may offer alternative services such as telephone/web-based appointments, home visits, or meeting clients in different location, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

You can contact the Counsellor to discuss the options available.

Under the Equality Act 2010 service providers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access their service. You can read more about reasonable adjustments to help you to access services on the CAB website.

My counselling room is fully accessible with no steps and wheelchair user friendly.

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