How to prime your reticular activating system (RAS)

We have millions of pieces of information coming towards us all of the time. Our brains cannot possibly process all of that information - nobody's brain could - it would just explode! This is where the reticular activating system (RAS) steps in. What the RAS does is filter as much information that we can process and manage, and filter this information based on what you focus on.


You can see how your RAS could quickly turn into your worst enemy if you focus on all the negatives in your life. You’ll only attract more! But, when we start focusing on more of the positives in our lives like "I’m so lucky in my life", "I have loads of friends" and "clients love my services/products/work", then your RAS can easily become your best friend and help you achieve your goals. 

I call mine the genie because, when I manage mine correctly, it gives me exactly what I want. And yours can do the same for you.

The clearer you are on your goals and the more you focus on them, the more the RAS will notice opportunities to help you achieve them. When you align your thoughts with what you want and the life you desire, the RAS goes to work, delivering information on everything that will help you achieve your goals. You will also start to see more evidence to support your positive aspirations and goals. 

Beware, however, a negative chatterbox in your head may well have already started saying "Oh, I bet this doesn’t work for me!" Kick that chatterbox to the curb right now - it will sabotage your RAS, and it's wrong!

What are your goals this year?

Why not take the leap of faith and have a go at using affirmations said in the present tense about something you really want to happen or feel. So, for example, you might like to be more time disciplined. How about "I love ticking things off my to-do list!"

You are saying it now as it if were already happening and your RAS just focuses on what you say. It has no ability to question it. As long as you take the leap of faith and repeat your affirmations daily, in time, it will start filtering in evidence of things you are getting done and ticked off your list. This will, in turn, affect your perception of yourself. It will also work in the background to help you attract more ways to get your tasks done so you can tick them off. Great isn't it!

So simple and yet how often do we sabotage ourselves by saying something self-defeating that immediately resets our RAS back into efficiently delivering us more of what we don't want, the outcome we expect - the way it's always been. Start today and you will find many websites with affirmation ideas for inspiration.

Take the leap today - I dare you!

If you have any questions about how RAS can help you achieve these, please do get in contact.

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Written by Sarah Cunliffe, Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor MFETC AdvDip MNCS Acc MBACP
London W1G & Bristol BS3

Sarah Cunliffe is Director of True Freedom, an Author, Harley Street Recognised Counsellor & NLP Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience with individual and corporate clients.

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