I sought counselling on the advice of a very close friend after separating from my husband of eighteen months, and commencing divorce proceedings. I had never had counselling before, and quite frankly did not think that there was any benefit to be gained. I did an internet search for counsellors in my area and selected Honora based on how highly qualified she was, and on her profile statement. It was to be a decision that I am so thankful I made. From the outset, Honora was professional yet engaged. I was provided with all the information I required prior to my first session which gave me the confidence that I was entering into a relationship that was well structured and meaningful. The very first session set me firmly on the path to understanding my situation and helping myself to heal. The emphasis was really on helping myself, and Honora provided me with the tools and insight to enable me to do so. I did not require many sessions with Honora as a result of how supportive, empathetic and skilled she proved herself to be. At the end of our working together I was amazed at the level of awareness, as well how equipped and in control of my life I felt. I cannot thank you enough Honora for your excellent support and service. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who feels in need of professional, effective, educational and insightful support into any issue with which they are struggling. Jackie B-H

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