Counselling helped me cope with my abusive past


I'm a victim of incest and was also abused in a 'ring' where images and film were made.

Two years ago, my personal life unravelled and, in desperation, I sought help. It took me a while to find the right counsellor. I tried at least four before I settled with one lady who I found - she was personally recommended to me. It's a long drive as she lives 50 minutes away, but it's well worth it.

Many of the sessions have been so hard because I make myself take the lid off a metaphorical coffin and exhume some smelly, rotten contents. But I just want to say that I'm thankful for the way that my counsellor has always been able to "hold" or "contain" my rubbish.

At the end of difficult sessions, I always put the lid back on - but now it's getting easier to remove it and let her have another look inside.

I never EVER thought I'd be able to trust anyone with this amount of information - but it's her wise, sensitive and experienced counselling that has made it possible.

I still battle with PTSD but am able to cope much better since I started counselling. I'm able to finally start to put down the guilt, shame and self-blame that has haunted me for years.

It's a work in progress but I'm getting there.

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All therapists are verified professionals