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Nina Parker

MBACP, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, EFT Practitioner

I qualified in supervision at the Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy

From my own experiences of receiving supervision I value it as: a space to 'say it how it really is' and be supported, encouraged and not judged, an opportunity to generate fresh insights that benefit me and the client , a place to 'check out' things I'm unsure of and learn,  a place I can be me and not have to  pretend to know more than I do.  As a supervisor I'm committed to making supervision all of the above and more. 

I ask my supervisees to regularly review the supervision they receive from me so I can continually review and improve my practice .

I’m particularly interested in supervising therapists who are integrating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique which involves the client tapping on their own acupuncture points during talking therapy) and other Energy Psychotherapies into their practice.

A basic knowledge of EFT is useful in conjunction with other therapy modalities and can deliver good outcomes at times. However when skills are honed with EFT specific supervision EFT can regularly deliver excellent results. Many people liken it to playing the violin. A basic knowledge of the notes makes it possible to play simple tunes. However with ongoing coaching a virtuoso performance becomes possible.

For therapists who just require EFT specific supervision to ‘bolt on’  to their current supervision arrangements I offer monthly 30 min EFT focused supervisions. Some therapist buddy up and share a monthly joint hour long EFT supervision with a colleague.

I offer a free one hour session for you to check out the way I work to see if  we would work well together. 

Fees: £60 for one and half hour supervision. 

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Types of client

Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Type of session

In person supervision
Online supervision
Telephone supervision

EFT specific supervision enables the therapist to hone the skill and greatly enhances the effectiveness of this technique in therapy.

Nina Parker

Nina Parker