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I am looking at running a one day working with Autism workshop at my practice in Benfleet, Essex to explore autism in the therapeutic relationship and how to best support them, how to support their families, carers, guardians etc, involving understanding diagnostics, the difficulties in the process of assessment.

I have worked as an autism specialist for over 10 years and in addition to professional practice, I have personal experience of coping with diagnosis and understanding the complexities and comorbidities within the diagnostic as I have two children with ASD and ADHD.

As around 71% of autistic individuals experience mental health problems it is likely that many of your clients may be on the spectrum even if they are not aware. Recognising it, could make a great deal of difference for your clients. Particular attention will be paid to females with diagnosis as this is an area that is lacking due to assessment being based on male criteria.

My aim is to help you recognise some of the traits that may even challenge what you already believe to know.

If you are interested in attending, I will be running groups of 10, over various Saturdays at a cost of £75 per person. Please contact me via the counselling directory link or my website

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Hosted by Nicola Butcher

I am a Senior Accredited Psychotherapist who has specialised in autism for over 10 years and I work with children and young people and adults. I taught counselling for 7 years and I am also an experienced lecturer who worked outreach for Family Learning to help parents develop coping strategies for dealing with issues associated with autism.

Hosted by Nicola Butcher