Mindful movement class

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Open to all
£10 single class

Mindful movement classes are a gentle blend of yoga postures and mindfulness meditation. They are suitable for all as I teach body awareness and give alternatives for the postures.

I run three classes per week on Zoom. They run for an hour and a half on Monday and Friday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Price: £10 single class, £32 for four classes in four weeks, £60 unlimited in four weeks. £5 concessions are available.

We know that moving our bodies is good for us but how often do we do it? These classes are a wonderful holistic exercise class.

Mindfulness has many benefits to mind and body. If regularly practised, it can lower stress levels, improve your sleep, improve attention, reduce anxiety and manage chronic pain. 

I have recently set up a YouTube channel which has my first video on it. There will be more to follow. Check out Mindful Movement with Jo if you want to see a little of what I do.

If you want to find out more, drop me an email jo.temple20@gmail.com.

I can offer you a short Zoom call to help answer any questions.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Hosted by Joanne Temple

I’m Jo and have always had a passion for keeping fit but wondered why so many classes I attended didn’t have a cool down and stretch at the end. So I qualified as a fitness instructor and developed my own classes. Having experienced years of anxiety and depression myself I found mindfulness really helped me and these classes can help you too!