Managing anger to live a healthier life

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Open to all

This workshop is suitable for adults who are willing to work as part of small group in a confidential, non-judgemental way. All participants need to be able to manage their emotions within a group environment where people will share different experiences.

It will run over 6 evening sessions and incorporate exploration into:

  • anger behaviours
  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • stress states
  • developing a personal anger scale how to identify risk areas and triggers
  • realistic goal setting to maintain a change in anger behaviours
  • how to build in healthier coping mechanisms developing mindfulness approaches

Small online group via Zoom, group meets every Monday from 6.30 pm for one hour.

Session cost: £20+

Contact Rachel on 07759 516241

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Hosted by Rachel Wesley

I have a special interest in working with anger and destructive emotions and offer a personal development group (max of eight delegates) for people to explore anger difficulties, including road rage, verbal abuse, communication problems at work with colleagues, and regularly losing your temper with partners/children.