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Available for new clients

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Newport, TF10
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Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Hello I’m Dan and I’m here to help and support you. 

Are you looking for a unique therapy experience? Something beyond the usual advice and strategies that you’ve tried but that just don’t work for you? 

I can help you finally get unstuck and move forwards in your life. 

I have many years of providing high quality, evidence based therapies to diverse range of clients who find themselves struggling in life with the following difficulties- - if you recognise yourself in any of the following descriptions- I can help you. Drop me an email or book a free phone consultation.  

Anxiety and worry

Are you feeling anxious all the time? Are you always worrying about the future or worrying about everything that might possibly go wrong?   Are you kept awake at night by a busy mind that won’t switch off?   Do you have a racing heart, tight chest,  feel sweaty, dizzy or overly tense and uptight?   Are you having Panic attacks or avoiding leaving the house or other activities because of your anxiety?   Are you unable to sit still and relax?  

Social anxiety

Do you feel self conscious, overly shy, awkward or embarrassed?  Do you worry that people are judging you criticising you or don’t like you?   Do you struggle  with small talk and making friends?  Do you feel boring or have nothing to offer conversations?  Are you uncomfortable in social situations or groups?  Do you fear saying something stupid or embarrassing yourself?  Do you struggle  to express yourself around people in authority or people that you find attractive? 

Health anxiety

Are you worried and preoccupied about being or getting ill?  Are you checking yourself all the time for signs or symptoms of illness? . Do you  worry  about every little ache or pain?  Are you Googling symptoms or seeking endless reassurance about your health?  Are you overly preoccupied by death and dying?  Are you convinced you’ve got cancer or some other terrible illness even after your doctor has told you that you’re ok? 


Do you struggle with fear of spiders/heights/driving/ flying/dogs/ needles/ dentists- or other phobias? 

Depression and low mood

Are you feeling down or sad all the time? Or not feeling anything at all- flat or numb?  Do you have overly negative thoughts? Have you lost  interest in things, lacking in motivation to do things or feeling  tired all the time?  Are you stuck in dwelling on past mistakes and failures?  Do you find yourself crying for no reason? Are you feeling lost and adrift in life, feeling stuck in a rut?  Are you struggling to see a way forwards, feeling hopeless or even wondering if it might be better to ‘opt out’ of life? 

Low self esteem

Are you overly down and hard on yourself?  Are you lacking self confidence or never quite  feeling good enough?  Are you fearful  of being rejected or abandoned?  Are you always comparing yourself to others? Or do you have difficulty in saying ‘no’ or asking for what you want?   Are you a ‘people pleaser’ feeling  like a doormat or that people always walk all over you?  Do you feel  like you never fit in, or that you don’t belong or that you’re fundamentally unlovable in some way?  Do you worry  too much about what other people think about you?  Are you overly nice as a way to be liked by others… a ‘nice guy’ or a ‘good girl’.? 


Do you struggle with unwanted  thoughts of bad things happening, popping into your head?  Do you feel  that you have to do things in a certain way or certain order or certain number of times to put things right?  Do you need things arranged in a particular way?  Do you have strange ‘‘rituals’?  Are you overly concerned with germs or cleaning or hand washing?  Do you need to endlessly check doors , locks, taps etc? 


Are you struggling with nightmares or flashbacks?  Can’t you get horrible memories or pictures out of your head?  Do you feel on edge or like you are on ‘red alert’ all of the time?  Are you feeling traumatised following a car or other accident?  Have you experienced childhood trauma  or sexual or physical violence, emotional abuse or domestic violence? 


Are you struggling with your alcohol, drugs, gambling or porn use? 

Weight and body image

Do you struggle to manage your weight?  Are you endlessly on and off diets? Do you hate what you see in the mirror? 

Relationship problems

Are you finding relationships difficult?  Do you always choose  people who are bad for you? Are you feeling  dissatisfied in your relationship?  Have you lost the spark or feel stuck in a rut?  Are you experiencing a lack of intimacy or boring or unsatisfying sex?  Are you overly jealous and insecure in relationships?  Do you find it hard to trust and open up? Do you find it hard to make a commitment?  Are you arguing all the time?  Are you struggling to deal with an affair, infidelity or betrayal? 

I also have a particular interest in men’s issues and men’s mental health.

I offer specialist and unique advice and coaching for men- from a man’s point of view - no nonsense - practical strategies for: 

Marriage and relationships

No/low sex marriage. Divorce prevention/relationship rescue. Divorce or separation survival. Rebuilding your life following divorce or separation. 

Dating and sex

Surviving and winning in the modern dating world.

Career and finances 

Moving forwards with your job or career. Getting your finances in order and on point. 


Getting organised effective and productive in achieving your goals. 


Getting in shape. Nutrition/workout/sport performance. 

Training, qualifications & experience

I’m a qualified psychotherapist trained in a range of evidence based approaches. 

I mainly work using a combination of: 

  • CBT- cognitive behavioural therapy. 
  • ACT - acceptance and commitment therapy. 
  • EMDR- (Eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing) 
  • FAP-functional analytical therapy
  • Constructive  living-Naikan/Morita therapy.

I like to work in a pragmatic way to go beyond just talking and understanding - to help you create real lasting changes in your life. Hi 

We will start by helping you get really clear about what matters most to you in your life and what you want to achieve.

We will then work together using proven strategies to help you deal with your difficult thoughts and feelings that get in your way of living life how you want.
We will help you break any self defeating patterns you might have fallen into. 

You will then feel able to take real action on the things that matter most to you. You will start taking the steps to make things better in your life, so you can live a richer, fuller more meaningful and connected life. 

If this sounds appealing to you, then consider  booking a free introductory call with me to discuss your needs.  I have limited availability and only work with clients who are committed to creating real change in their lives. 


£60.00 - £75.00
Free initial telephone session

Health Insurance/EAP

  • BUPA

Additional information

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. At that point we can discuss pricing options based on your needs and circumstances. 

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