I am a BACP registered counsellor, who works with clients in Dundee, St. Andrews and Harley St. London (the latter online). I am based in Dundee, Scotland.

Why should you consider receiving supervision from me? Here are the three top reasons:

1) First of all,  I am trained in pluralism, a way of working that is eclectic and nonprescriptive. For those students or counsellors who wish to work in flexible ways with their clients, I can help them draw upon a wide variety of therapy modalities and techniques so that they can tailor their approach to the needs of each client.

2) I have an extensive academic background (five degrees) which allows me to work really effectively with my supervisees. For example:

*my MA (Hons) in philosophy means I'm good at helping my supervisees a) see the big picture i.e. what fundamental issues are at stake with a specific client; b) clarify and question their assumptions, so they can think out of the box; and c) apply theories rigorously to particular case studies.

*my PhD in English literature (I applied psychoanalytic ideas to help understand the work of the playwright Harold Pinter) allows me to a) help my supervisees understand more deeply the client's story; and b) to help my supervisees transform that story into one more hopeful and constructive.

Overall, then,  two of the fundamental 'ingredients' of effective therapy are engaging with ideas and with stories and so my background permits me to work with my supervisees at a deeper level. 

3) Apart from working as a counsellor, I also am involved in constructing accredited CPD courses for professionals, who wish to apply psychological and therapy-based ideas to improve their performance. In other words,  I'm a supervisor who can help you achieve excellence as a counsellor or as a therapist, just like I help other professionals in other fields.

To find out more about my work in this regard, please consult our website below and watch the video 'Created by experts': https://www.thegrittyprofessional.com/courses

Those are my top 3 reasons and I do hope you get in touch,


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Hello, I am a BACP registered counsellor, who works with clients in Dundee, St.