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I am on the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy Supervisors register. 

Supervision is a confidential reflective process of participants’ creative, symbolic, cognitive and/or authentic expression of words and movement. This reflective process explores the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship with clients, and systemic relationships in the personal and professional environment. In dance movement psychotherapy we privilege the body as a lived experience through which we share something about ourselves in relationship with self, with others, and with our environment.  Reflexive practice is strengthened by supervision which reveals fresh and diverse perspectives on clinical practice and work concerns. As a supervisor, my intent is to provide a safe environment in which we make a commitment of time and energy to each other in deciding to work together in the contexts of mutual influence and the co-creation of meaning.


My practice is informed by considering a range of theoretical concepts (humanistic, existential, social constructionist, systemic, psychodynamic, gender constructs and/or formative psychology) that best suit the supervisory and therapeutic relationships to help facilitate safe and effective practice for the clients in our care.  Each person is a unique individual whose life story consists of a range of embodied experiences incorporating socially constructed and biological formations. While considering socio-political, physiological, and gender identity as ever-changing relationships with self and others, I privilege the on-going and formative relationships between supervisor, supervisee, client/s, and the wider context.

I view the supervisory relationship as a co-creative and reflexive journey where my continuing curiosity about the moving body in relationship asks questions about a social body, an acknowledged body, a hidden body, or a body unknown? In supervision we return to and speak from the felt sense to inform our practice.  

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Types of client

Older adults

Key details

I am working online and OUTDOORS in Mitcham Common, Cannon Hill Common and Beddington Park.

Type of session

In person supervision
Online supervision
Telephone supervision

I am on the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy Supervisors register.

Geoffery Unkovich

Geoffery Unkovich