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I offer online/in-person, person centred supervision support. I work with UK based experienced/qualified counsellors and supervisors from a variety of counselling modalities. 

The Models which resonate and facilitate my supervision relationships and practice are, Hawkins and Shohet's Seven Eyed Model and Inskipp and Proctor's Normative, Formative and Restorative Model.

Tony Merry, (1999, p173) describes supervision as being "a collaborative or co-operative effort in an effort to understand what is going on within the counselling relationship and within the counsellor". It is this mutual and collaborative engagement with the principals of Appreciative Inquiry which inform my supervision working-alliances and relationships.

Together, we engage to facilitate the supervisee in sustaining, developing and monitoring their ability to be safe, effective, compassionate, creative, ethical, reflective, reflexive and autonomous practitioners.

I offer a current, dynamic, research-informed, supervisee-centred supervision relationship which I trust enables practitioners to monitor, maintain and enhance good quality, ethical practice whether in-person, online or a mix of both.

I'm a BACP senior accredited supervisor and hold Level Two Professional Membership of ACTO (Association for Counselling & Therapy Online). I hold a General Certificate in Online Therapy, (2020) and I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions, the ACTO Code of Ethics and the ACTO Competences for Online Supervision.

Experienced/Qualified Counsellor hourly supervision session fee: £50

Please get in touch with me if you would like to work in collaborative supervision or if you have any questions about how I work. 

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Types of client

Older adults

Type of session

In person supervision
Online supervision
Telephone supervision

Whether you're looking for an in-person or online supervisor or a mix of both, please consider working with me.

Louise Andrews

Louise Andrews