I have been a counsellor for several years now, I also have a degree in teaching. The supervision process intrigues me immensely and meets my hyper focus need.

How this benefits you is you will have a supervisor that is stimulated and riveted by the supervision process. This field of counselling has been my passion ever since I discovered it, I am marvelled and in awe by the miraculous presentation of people in their day to day lives.

I am existential at my core but have a wide range of theoretical knowledge that i have an ability to apply to the workings of this to people and their lives almost as second nature.

I have a strong empathy for the process particularly to those that fear their work being scrutinised. I believe this quote by Yarleth Benson sums up what the supervision process can feel like particularly in the early days of our careers.

“The supervisee is required to exhibit and expose her work, with the inevitable background fear that it is her very self that is being scrutinized and judged. Similarly the supervisor has to balance precariously between avoiding injurious criticism and being inappropriately therapeutic.”

With this in mind you can be assured that you will never be judged, think of our relationship as viewing human beings hand in hand with the view to helping along therapeutic change. There is no right and wrong just different ways of being.

If you are looking for a supervisor to work in this way then get in touch.

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Young people
Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

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In person supervision
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Existential, Person focused supervisor with a psychodynamic flair.