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Greetings and welcome to  my profile:)

I am a qualified Supervisor working in the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire area and also offering Skype Supervision. I qualified with Jenny Biancardi in Creative Supervision informed by the Person Centred Approach

I am an accredited member of the BACP.

I have many years experience of working as a counsellor and with supervisors in which I have developed a sense of what has worked well for me and what has not worked well. I have a wealth of experience in both and of course I have grounded my practice in what I find works well.
I have been lucky enough to train for both counselling and supervision in atmospheres and methods which are truly person centred in offering freedom, safety and holding; inspiring creativity and personal development which reflects in my work.

I would like to give you a sense of how I work by firstly looking at my relationship with Rogers' Core Conditions in my practice and in my exploration of my work with my own Supervisor.

Congruence. In being aware of what is going on for me in any given moment, in my ability to express in an appropriate way and own it; I hope to provide openness, permission and a sense of safety to supervisees. Empathy and unconditional positive regard are believable because of this realness. It helps both of us in being in the moment and feeling in the moment, assisting openness and honesty with ourselves  and helping you in making connections in your work with clients

Empathic understanding:  The supervisor only gets a second hand account of the client so her understanding will on the whole be less accurate. The main thing is that I stay with my empathy for you as the supervisee so you can feel safe and connect with your own empathy for yourself and for the client and find out any obstacles to that. We can then explore together what is going on and what will help.

Unconditional positive regard: I would like you to feel my unconditional positive regard for the client as well as for you, as otherwise you could feel an interruption or disconnection in the relationship between you and the client in your exploring with me as a supervisor. If either of us feels obstacles to either of us feeling this for the client, then this can be explored in an open and safe environment as you feel held in my positive regard.

As well as the conditions I have also found that, to access information about what is going on in the complexity of relationships, primarily for the supevisee, but also for the client, it is good to use other means than just the analytical processes of the right brain.
These means include:

  • Being in the moment
  • Listening very deeply in the moment
  • Reflecting back understanding of what I have heard on many levels.
  • Being aware of and sharing my impressions of; the feelings involved, the patterns at play, what may be going on for you and being expressed by the you at any moment.
  • Using creative methods such as stones, art, chair work (only used if you choose to)
  • Expressing what is going on, on a body level in the moment
  • Either supervisor or supervisee expressing what is coming up for her as the other is speaking(though not interrupting) at the same time as being close to the supervisee's frame of reference.

Please feel free to contact me for an initial meeting to see if you would like to work with me.

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South Yorkshire

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Greetings and welcome to  my profile:)I am a qualified Supervisor working in the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire area and also offering Skype Supervision.


Sarah Saatzer

Sarah Saatzer