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I have over twenty five years experience as a supervisor and am registered as such with with UKCP (CPJA).

I've enjoyed supervising colleagues from a variety of therapy trainings and professional backgrounds and am a recognised supervisor for most psychotherapy trainings in the Yorkshire/Lancashire area. I've had the pleasure of working with counsellors, art therapists, medical and nursing staff, psychoanalytic therapists, gestaltists, TA therapists, person centred practitioners, drama therapists, play therapists, housing association staff teams, forensic staff teams and many others.  If there is one thing that has become apparent, there is more in common, in good therapy, across modalities than might be imagined. Not that individual brands might not have some particular good things to offer, but this is less than it might appear.

I have a long experience as a therapist: individually, in groups , communities and mental health agencies and therefore am well equipped to help colleagues think about their work in its broad context, as well as to negotiate agency settings.

I have a long experience of helping those on their introductory trainings begin to embody the basic values and principles of their new profession.

The explosion of knowledge in the intersection of attachment, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, mindfulness and traumatology  offer much to current practice, and I am particularly interested in helping to integrate these elements into more traditional "talk therapy" modalities, both theoretically and practically.

I offer an initial two way interview to see if our interests might coincide.

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Mill House
Valley Farm
Parkside Road
West Yorkshire
LS16 8EZ

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Young people
Employee Assistance Programme

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In person supervision
Online supervision
Telephone supervision

I have over twenty five years experience as a supervisor and am registered as such with with UKCP (CPJA).

Alasdair Stokeld

Alasdair Stokeld