New 'happiful' magazine aims to help people find happiness

happiful magazinehappiful, a free monthly e-magazine is launching on on 20 March, International Day of Happiness. Full of inspirational real-life stories, interviews and tips to improve happiness, the magazine’s mission is to create a happier, healthier, more sustainable society.

happiful’s story

happiful founders Emma White and Aimi Maunders are sisters who started Counselling Directory back in 2005. Determined to make it easier for people to find support online, they grew to run five successful online directories within the health and wellness sector.

Each directory holds the same key message - to help people find happiness. In order to bring the directories under one umbrella and share inspirational content everyone can benefit from, they invented happiful magazine.

What to expect from issue 1

  • Real stories of hope - From the 40-year-old man who experienced a nervous breakdown to our own founder’s story of overcoming OCD, each message explores the incredible resilience of human nature.
  • Interviews with role-models - Issue 1 speaks to Ruby Tandoh (former Great British Bake Off finalist), Kiss radio DJ Pandora and four musicians who are singing out against mental health stigma.
  • Good news - Issue 1 will explore the role disposable drones could have on the health industry and how a change in diet can reduce cancer risk.
  • Expert advice - The directories behind happiful are full of qualified professionals who share their advice on being happy and well, alongside the editorial team’s own ‘happiful hacks’.

Key statistics

Across the five directories under the happiful umbrella, we have over 21,000 professionals and had more than 10 million visitors last year.

happiful will be promoted on all of these sites, making our potential readership huge.

Note to editors

happiful and its sister sites have a repository of resources for public and editorial use as well as supporting resources such as videos, infographics, articles for reprint, data and key fact-sheets on wellness topics. happiful can also provide quotes and resources from professional counsellors, nutritionists, therapists, life coaches and hypnotherapists.

Support us

happiful’s mission is to reach as many people as possible to inspire change. You can help us achieve this. To subscribe, visit For general enquiries, email us at For partnership or press questions, contact our press office for more information:

Amie Sparrow 01276 580030 (office)


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Written by Aimi Maunders

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