Therapist wellbeing community

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Counsellors and trainees
£19.95 per month

Do you find your work both stressful and rewarding?

When you work in a relationship-intense profession such as we do, you are more vulnerable to emotional exhaustion and empathy fatigue.

At Openforwards, we believe we’ve found some of the answers.

To help you cope with the demands of your emotional labour, we’ve set up the Practitioner’s Wellbeing Community.

We bring together therapists and other mental healthcare professionals inside a safe and caring community to learn new skills to reach our personal and professional goals, connect with others and lean on each other for support.

For more information and to join, come and take a look at

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Hosted by Jim Lucas

Jim has given therapy to 1000s of people struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. He is visiting lecturer at University of Birmingham in the School of Psychology. He teaches and supervises trainee therapists in the NHS and he regularly writes articles about how to lift your mood, get more motivated and find more meaning and purpose in life.