MA research - the B.E.A.R necessities pilot project

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30th November -0001, 12.00am - 12.00am
Counsellors and trainees

What is this workshop?

I am currently studying for my MA in counselling children and young people through the University of South Wales.

As I have taken the professional project route, I am researching:

'Attachment difficulties faced, and implications for pre-adolescent boys on the autistic spectrum within the UK care system.'  

I am excited that The Behaviour Clinic and the University of South Wales are supporting me with this project. 

Become involved in new research:

  • the project involves an online workshop, including revision of the attachment theory
  • my research to date on the attachment difficulties
  • my conclusions to date

The B.E.A.R necessities project will outline my response to my findings and look at a model in supporting this demographic. 

This free CPD event will be available online from 30th April 2020. It will be available for a period of 30 days. It will take in the region of 4 hours to complete, with reflection pieces and surveys to support my research (to be completed after the CPD, to support my MA).

Please contact me for more information, or alternatively email me here.

Please also visit my Facebook page:

The B E A R necessities Project  

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Hosted by Linda Jane White

My name is Linda Jane White. I am an MBACP Accred self-employed counsellor and therapist, working in South Wales with children, young people, and some adults! I am passionate about supporting young people. Please support my research.


Hosted by Linda Jane White

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