LGBTQ+ online traing

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Counsellors and trainees

The aim of this training is to develop a deeper understanding of working with gender and sexual diverse clients.

Topics include:

  • heteronormativity
  • assumptions in the therapy room
  • discrimination
  • historical oppression

The format is a relaxed discussion between two experienced therapists looking at lived experience, theory and practice. One is heterosexual and one gay and the conversation shares those frames of reference. 

Handouts and links to further reading are included. 

This is a short training between 2-3 hours CPD.

It costs £10. 

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Hosted by Jacqueline Karaca

Jacqueline Karaca is an experienced Psychotherapist. Her MSc dissertation was on accessing therapy for people who experienced severe childhood trauma and complex dissociation. Tracy Bond is an experienced Psychotherapist, supervisor and hypnotherapist. Both have years of experience working using a trauma informed approach with various trauma.

Hosted by Jacqueline Karaca