I'm jealous - relationships: Online group therapy

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£20 - £30

What you will gain from this group therapy session

A bit of jealousy in a relationship can often be alluring. However, when one is consumed with thoughts of jealousy and intentions are driven from a place of insecurity, unhealthy behaviours manifest themselves. Therefore, limiting any potential of creating your ideal relationship. 

This online group therapy is based on psychoanalytic psychotherapy principles. With the guidance of the group facilitator, the group will explore how past issues and experiences are relevant to the present. Through an in-depth understanding of yourself and your past, you can:

  • build resilience
  • increase your self-esteem
  • learn to love yourself more - resulting in you being and feeling more secure in your relationship.

If anything mentioned above resonates with your desires, then please do get in touch.

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Hosted by Lordia Lewis-Spencer

Lordia Lewis-Spencer is a qualified and certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Counselling Tutor. Lordia runs a successful private practice and delivers workshops and group therapy both within the private and public sector.

Hosted by Lordia Lewis-Spencer