Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) practice groups

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Counsellors and trainees
£19.95 per month

If you want to deepen your ACT knowledge and refine your therapeutic skills, then these group sessions will help you to become a more competent ACT practitioner.

Using the ACT peer-led consultation approach called the Portland Model, you get to take part in small group practices.

In a kind, appreciative and curious environment, you get to play at being an ACT therapist. Through direct observation and real-time feedback, you will learn how to be more flexible in your ACT practice. As a result, you’ll deepen your ACT knowledge, embody psychological flexibility and refine your ACT Skills.

What are the benefits of ACT supervision in groups?

ACT practice supervision groups have several vital advantages. First, they support therapists who feel isolated, either because they work alone or don’t have any connections with other ACT therapists.

When you belong to a supportive professional community, it can aid your skills development. You get to draw on their collective expertise, and when you have members from different cultural backgrounds, you benefit from their diversity.

ACT practice groups focus on experiential learning. Rather than discussing cases, the group coaches each other through role-play and direct feedback. You benefit from participating in various ways, either through direct practice, observation, process monitoring and real-time feedback.

By switching roles, you discover new learning through multiple perspectives. Rather than relying on the same patterns and interventions, you widen your therapeutic repertoire.

Who facilitates the practice groups?

Jim Lucas is an ACBS peer-reviewed ACT trainer. He has taught thousands of therapists how to integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into their therapeutic toolkit.

Having co-founded the Birmingham ACT peer consultation group in 2014, Jim has learned how to create a safe place for practitioners to be curious and compassionate.

We ensure that all practice is rooted in Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS), the ideas that underpin ACT. By linking practice with theory, you not only understand what to do but why you’re doing it.

Jim regularly writes articles and produces training videos on the subject of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In addition, he authored the popular ebook, The ACT Roadmap, and sends out a weekly newsletter for practitioners called Future Now.

Jim is a long-time member of ACBS and treasurer of the ACBS UK & Ireland Chapter. He teaches on the Post Graduate CBT Programme at the University of Birmingham, and he has run multiple workshops at national and international conferences.

When are they happening?

The practice groups take place every Monday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm (UK time).

How do you sign up?

The group sessions take place inside our Practitioner's Community. For £19.95 per month, you can come along as often or as little as you like; the choice is yours.

For more information and to join our practice groups, please go to

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Hosted by Jim Lucas

Jim has given therapy to 1000s of people struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. He is visiting lecturer at University of Birmingham in the School of Psychology. He teaches and supervises trainee therapists in the NHS and he regularly writes articles about how to lift your mood, get more motivated and find more meaning and purpose in life.