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Supervision can help you to take new perspectives on your work and find solutions to complex situations. It is also a space to nurture your professional development and refresh your practice.

I provide individual and group clinical supervision, as well as reflective practice sessions for staff of different organisations and mental health teams. I welcome psychotherapists, coming from various therapeutic backgrounds, who are interested in integrating an embodied and creative perspective when exploring their work.

My approach to supervision draws from creative techniques, action methods and embodied practice. Supervisory questions are often explored creatively through the use of role play, small world sculpts, imagery, or the use of movement exploration and body shaping. These methods can help practitioners to look at their presenting issues in their clinical practice from different perspectives and find new answers through the creative and reflective process.

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Type of session

In person supervision
Online supervision
Telephone supervision

An opportunity to explore and further develop your work practice through an embodied and creative approach.

Eleonora Carpi

Eleonora Carpi