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Please note: I am unable to take supervisor enquiries until 1st June 2021 - however please still contact me regarding general enquiries

Clinical Supervision

Don't you deserve a place to reflect, grow, be the best you can be and to find joy in what you do?

Here at my Supervision practice, is such a place.  You may wonder, what do I do that is so different? I believe in the power of relationships, and how they can help us to see things that perhaps we are not able to see alone.  The ability to communicate from within, not what is just on the surface. Relationships have the power to heal, to re-balance, create and bring together a powerful experience.

My Background

I have undertaken a Certificate in Clinical Supervision which is approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society).

I have worked with various Mental Health matters, but in particular I have extensive knowledge, experience and training in working with Complex Trauma, Trauma and Attachment.

I have undertaken work with young people both outside and within the looked after care system.  I have a private practice where I work with adults on various emotional matters. I have provided line management supervision to a team of therapists whilst working within the charity sector.  In addition, I have undertaken the role of mentoring therapists who are new to a therapeutic service.

What do I provide?

Within my practice it is important for me to ensure that we, you the supervisee and I the supervisor, have a good working relationship.  I provide safe and effective one to one supervision to other Counsellors who are either qualified or in training.

My aim is to help you with your Clinical practice, as well as you the Practitioner.  To enable you to improve the quality of care and interventions you deliver, restore your vitality and ensure you never lose the sense of who you are and what you bring to those you work with.

Effective Clinical Supervision:


  • A fundamental part of  your counseling practice and development

  • A safe space where you can enhance your skill and knowledge base

  • Allows reflection on your moment to moment working life

  • Provides an environment in which you can explore your own personal and emotional reactions to your work

  • Enhances your professional development, as well an enabling you to identify any developmental needs you may have

  • Ensures responsible and ethical practice is taking place  

  • Allows you to monitor your self-care

  • Helps to rebalance the high level of emotional energy given by you, in your practice

  • Meets the requirements of your professional body

My Supervision work:

Is underpinned by the work of Inskipp and Proctor (1992), who describe supervision as comprising of three broad elements; Formative, Restorative and Normative.

Formative: Enabling  you to further develop skills and abilities, by offering an environment where challenge and direction takes place, introducing new ideas, as well as providing a space for direct learning.

Restorative: The aim is to help increase your resilience as a Professional, ensuring you know how best to care for you and your clients.  A place where reflection of practice takes place and development of the client and practitioner is fostered.

Normative: Part of my role is to be a gatekeeper, to provide ethical, responsible, duty of care to the clients that you provide a therapeutic service to, always ensuring that you work within the guidelines of your professional governing body.  My aim is to empower you to be able to work autonomously and with assurance, to be able to act and respond to risk appropriately.

Vitally important, for me as a Supervisor, is my desire to create an experience for us both, where there is an open, honest and transparent relationship. Equally, I want to offer a harbour of safety for you and consequently your clients.

I look forward to working with you.


My contact details are

Tele: 07432 373270
Email: jackie.counsellingjct@gmail.com

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Jacqueline Connaughton MBACP - Trauma Therapist

Jacqueline Connaughton MBACP - Trauma Therapist