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Trisha has a PGC Clinical Supervision from Manchester University. She has supervised students counsellors and qualified therapists, on placement/volunteering with Womens Aid, and working in Private Practice. She takes immense pleasure in being part of the journey to either becoming qualified or effective therapist. In her role as supervisor she has mentored students/counsellors from a variety of diploma/degree courses whose training has its foundations in integrative, behavioural, person centred psychoanalytical and CBT models. She has developed an honest, empathetical and empowering approach to supervision providing a safe and supportive environment.
She has undertaken a great deal of work place supervision and counselling with nursing colleagues and other members of her extended team, both locally and nationally.


" Your friendly professional manner has allowed me to disclose thoughts and behaviours which occur when in the counselling forum with individual clients. I always finish a supervision session with renewed confidence and energy. Thank you" 

" I came scared, inadequate and unsure whether I could become a counsellor. You accepted where I was and helped me develop my skills and insight and overcome this fear. At the end of my placement I saw counselling differently, my confidence had grown and my clients came back.
Thank you so much"

You help me see things in different ways, by gently challenging why I chose to go down one pathway rather than another. I'm now more aware of transference and counter transference and how it affects my behaviour and thoughts"

" I have learnt not to make judgements of how people feel and what they are thinking. I have the confidence to clarify my thougths with my clients". Thank you for that and much more"I would highly recommend Trisha as a supervisor. I have always found my supervision with Trisha to be both supportive and enlightening. I begin as a supervisee with Trisha when I was a student in my final year studying counselling and during that period of time I felt encouraged, gently challenged and supported. Because of Trisha's warm and interested presence I felt able to bring all parts of my work. I was a very nervous practitioner in my early years and Trisha helped me to believe in my counselling skills which enabled me to work at real relational depth with my clients. Trisha has continued to be my supervisor for many years and has helped me to have confidence in my approach and also supported me further when I decided to do a research degree in counselling. Trisha is a accomplished supervisor with a wealth of experience in a variety of settings. Trisha's presence and experience has always offered me a safe supportive space to work with and hold complex and challenging client work"

"Trisha agreed to be my supervisor when I started my counselling placement at High Peak Women's Aid as a trainee. After our initial meeting, I felt instantly supported and understood as a new counsellor. Throughout our sessions, my confidence and ability grew as a psychodynamic counsellor, through Trisha challenging me at a pace that was good for me. She provided a container where I was supported, validated, inspired and challenged in order to promote my growth. She helped me ensure that I was working ethically and keeping my clients safe, as well as myself. She also helped me identify transference, parallel processes, defence mechanisms, and the unconscious mind. She gave me the opportunity to discuss my clients, and the effects they had on me, in complete confidence. Trisha was also very flexible, and worked around my time limitations, helping me to fit my supervisions around my work commitments, client hours and my family commitments as a single parent. I feel the supervisions I had with Trisha during my first year as a trainee counsellor were completely invaluable, and I would not hesitate to ask Trisha to be my supervisor should I find myself near the area again".

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Trisha has a PGC Clinical Supervision from Manchester University.


R. Patricia Bannister MBE, Adv Diploma Counselling, Supervisor

R. Patricia Bannister MBE, Adv Diploma Counselling, Supervisor