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Looking for a supervisor can be difficult, whether it's the first time you're looking or if you're looking because you need to find a new supervisor, regardless of the reason why you're looking it can be hard going. There are a lots of supervisors to choose from and starting a new relationship that is going to meet your needs can be daunting.

I believe in the importance of supervision and understanding what you want to achieve in supervision is key to ensuring that we get the structure right for you.  We all need something slightly different depending on where we are in our professional journey, the nature of our client work and of course where we are personally too.

I know that supportive and effective supervision is based on a strong supervisory relationship and being realistic I know that I can't be the right supervisor for everyone so I offer a free 30 minute taster session so we can get together and see how it feels for you.

If you feel comfortable once we've met we would then spend the first part of our first session completing the details of our contract to ensure that we understand exactly what we are trying to achieve together. 

I work from home and have a totally separate space where I meet with clients and supervisees so peace and quiet is guaranteed. I appreciate that life if busy and try to work as flexibly as possible. I also offer supervision remotely if preferable.

I understand that we all need different amounts of supervision at different times and as always the cost involved has to be a consideration, especially when we may be volunteering our time or when we are trainees.  For absolute clarity I charge on a 30 minute basis so it is easy to calculate the cost depending on your preferred multiple.

For trainee counsellors and those who are offering their counselling services on a voluntary basis the cost is £15.00 per 30 minutes.

For those who are qualified and who are paid for their counselling services the cost is £20.00 per 30 minutes.

I work in a person-centred way both as a counsellor and a supervisor so you and your clients will be at the heart of our work together.  

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We all know that supervision is important to our practice but wow the difference it makes when you find the right supervisor for you!

Kathryn Beastall

Kathryn Beastall