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The work that I do with supervisees is a hugely important part of my practice. Having benefited from enriching and nurturing supervision throughout my career, I am keenly aware that good supervision is fundamental to the work that we do.  My goal is to develop a collaborative, open and robust supervisory relationship that enables supervisees to work thoughtfully, creatively and ethically.

As a supervisor, I aim to offer a mix of support, nurture, direction and challenge.  I believe that people are most effective when they feel confident in their work, and I am committed to helping supervisees develop a sense of their own expertise.  At the same time, I am keen to share my own experience, skills and understanding, so that supervisees can build on these in their own practice. 

The way I work with supervisees is very much like how I work with clients.  I often think of my therapeutic work as helping clients to think, when they are too overwhelmed to do the thinking on their own; and helping them to feel, when their past experiences have made it difficult or dangerous for them to do so. I bring the same approach to my supervision, supporting supervisees to think more clearly about the intricacies of their client work and to make fuller use of the different feelings that arise through it.  For supervisees just as for clients, when people are enabled to think more clearly and feel more fully, a wider range of possibilities opens up in front of them.

I offer supervision to therapists at any stage of their career, whether working privately or in an organisational setting. While most of my supervision work has been with psychotherapists, I also offer supervision to other professionals, most recently solicitors and barristers working in Family Law.

My fee for supervision is negotiable, depending on your individual circumstances.  Please get in touch if you would like to meet for an initial session. work that I do with supervisees

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The work that I do with supervisees is a hugely important part of my practice.

Ruth Yudkin PGDip, UKCP registered

Ruth Yudkin PGDip, UKCP registered