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Becoming a supervisor was a natural progression for me as counsellor, and I have been enjoying the role since 2010. 

I chose to train with C.A.S.T Creative Arts Supervision Training, London as I wanted a Multi-Modal approach to supervision and a place to flex my creative muscles.  C.A.S.T. allowed me to do just that, within the structure of  The Seven Eyed Model (Hawkins & Shohet) 

Some clients have difficulty naming their emotions or talking about issues. The practise of drawing it out, can help, as can sharing their chosen piece of music, poem or photograph.  

My style of supervision is collegial, respecting my colleagues at all stages of their counselling career. 

I work within the BACP framework. 

My core counsellor training at Guildford College was BACP Approved.  I studied Humanistic Integrative: Gestalt, Person Centred, Existential.  I have also studied the Psychodynamic method, CBT, Transpersonal, Brief Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and more, all of which inform my practice. 

Whatever the reason or type of supervision, the actual work of the supervisee is at the heart of supervision. Supervision is about 'learning from doing' or becoming students of our own experience ... sitting at the feet of our work'  (Zachary, 2002:xv)

Together we can agree how we will work, within the BACP framework, and I can introduce the standard Seven-Eyed Model of supervision.  We can discover your preferred learning style; auditory, kinaesthetic, visual, read/write. 

I have designed and taught visual counselling tools which work well in supervision;

 'The Life Circles' is a white board and acetate tiles which the client or supervisee writes upon and moves around the board.  This tool was recommended by Dyslexia Action. It is a tactile and visual tool.

'Cogni-Cube' is also a tactile and visual tool based on CBT. 

I have designed and taught workshops in higher education.

Roz as author: I and have written two books; my debut novel 'The Most Terrifying Thing' and a children's book, 'Who Stole The Moon'. For more info and a free chapter please see 'The Most Terrifying Thing'. 

Please feel free to contact me where we can talk about your needs as a supervisee.  

My fees are £50 for 1 hour. £60 1.5 hrs  

Do contact me for a twenty minute session without obligation 

Supervision Testimonial from Jan Vinall Counsellor 

Roz Henfrey has been my counselling supervisor for quite a few years in fact since I first started. We first got together when I was on placement and finding my feet and continues to the present day and now having my own business.

Roz had the kindness, patience, skills and knowledge to guide me through  the early days and this continues today.

I have learnt so much during our supervision and never been made to feel that I was not able at my job even if at times especially in the early days I felt overwhelmed. Roz was the voice of calmness and gave me tools to add to my tool box.

Roz (and I hope she does not mind me writing this) is the most valued tool. Roz shares her knowledge and empathy, this helps me develop my own knowledge and skills further in a safe environment. She helps me to identify my strengths and areas I need to work on.

Feedback given is clear and balanced and specific.

I love working with Roz and value the way we explore different ways of working especially when a session will sit in my head and explore why this is and different ways of looking at it.

Roz has helped me grow and trust my own judgement and intuition and insight  Thank you Roz

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I trained with C.A.S.T Creative Arts Supervision Training & The 7 Eyed Model 2010 (Hawkins & Shohet), and I am flexible to my supervisees needs

Roz Henfrey

Roz Henfrey