Are you affected by health anxiety?

Fresh One Productions are reaching out to people whose health anxiety is having a detrimental effect on their lives. They are looking for volunteers to discuss their experiences for a new television project focusing on health anxiety. Would you like to share your experience in order to teach others?

The production company are eager to talk to anyone who has been affected by health anxiety and hypochondria.

They are keen to share personal experiences with the hope of reaching an audience who may misunderstand anxiety or may be suffering with anxiety-related symptoms but do not know who to talk to or where to get help.

The project will involve a team of medical professionals in order to shed light on something that affects many people in the UK.

If you would like to be involved in the project and share your story please email

Alternatively, call 020 3375 5196 for more information.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Content Manager and Digital Editor.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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