Why Counselling/Therapy?

What brings people to consider talking to a stranger about very private, personal details of their life? For me, it was wanting to know, why I was repeating self-destructive patterns of behaviour, relating to work situations. I therefore chose to see a therapist who dealt with career- related matters, and was rather taken aback when she suggested that the root of the problem lay elsewhere, and that it would take some time to uncover. I trusted in her judgement immediately, and was guided by her in finding a therapist, as she impressed as very professional and knowledgeable, and seemed to have answers which I needed.

Now, some years later, after a significant amount of therapy, some of which has been a requirement of my training, I now hope to offer a similar service to others. I aim to help people become free of issues stemming from their past upbringing, and past circumstances, to lead more fulfilling lives, and become more of the person they truly search to be.

My private practice, my work for the NHS, and previously for Women's Aid, and my practice in London, have brought me into contact with lots of people who have suffered from poor self-esteem, and self-image, and lack of confidence and fundamental belief in themselves. This can change if you trust in the process of counselling, and have faith in your counsellor and yourself to persevere. Anxious and depressed feelings will be part of that process of healing, of getting in touch with feelings, which until now have been cut off and buried, but which will help you become more real and whole. All it takes is courage to start the journey.

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Written by Valerie Hilsley psychotherapist/counsellor BPC and FPC

Are you looking for someone you can trust, where it will feel safe?
I have many years experience with a range of issues, where you can be sure of being well supported and understood.  You will grow in self awareness, often realising that your problems have a basis in your past, which is still impacting on your life, preventing you from gaining fulfillment.
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Written by Valerie Hilsley psychotherapist/counsellor BPC and FPC

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