Why am I anxious all of the time?

Long stressful days at work, relationships that have become difficult or social problems are all things that cause anxiety and if they are ignored for too long can lead to depression. We all feel some stress in our daily life and if kept under control this can encourage us to be more productive, when it starts to affect our quality of life it is time to do something about it.

You may become negative, uncertain, irritable or feel panicky, your head may be full of unwanted thoughts or you may just withdraw. You will know you need help but just don't know how to motivate yourself to ask for it. Only you can do this and if you reach out to people who care about you for support, a colleague, family member, a friend that you trust or a professional, you have taken the first step towards regaining control of your life.

Your doctor may suggest medication or counselling, or both. A counsellor is someone who will listen to how you feel with empathy and reflect back what you say to gain understanding of your issues in a confidential space. Positive strategies can then be put in place to help you gain a new perspective on your life and abilities.

With your commitment and the support of the 'therapeutic' relationship between yourself and your counsellor, thought patterns can be challenged and new more positive behaviours can be learnt. This will enable the lasting changes you need to relieve the stress and anxiety you feel, and to start to enjoy life again.  

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All therapists are verified professionals

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