When Summer time is not about happy holidays

Life is a little quieter at the moment in the aftermath of the Olympics. The Paralympics are drawing crowds and attention but the general spirit of joy and optimism is starting to fade.

Not everyone enjoys sport. Not everyone is taking a holiday this summer. Some cannot afford such a luxury. Others are simply too miserable to spend time away. Some have work from which they cannot take time off at the moment. Others are desperately searching for a job, a means of keeping themselves afloat. Many people, whatever their circumstances are trying to stave off depression and anxiety.

It's a moot point whether depression causes anxiety or is caused by anxiety. Freud pondered this question back in 1920 in a paper entitled "Beyond the Pleasure Principle". He came to the unsurprising conclusion that it is a "chicken and egg" argument. Each can cause the other. Depression and anxiety are often a vicious circle and what is more, they can feel like a vicious circle.

If you are feeling anxious and/or depressed, then now may be a good time to try counselling. A counsellor will try to intervene in some way in this vicious circle, to explore new ways of thinking about and experiencing difficult and depressing ideas and feelings.

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