What is relationship counselling?

People often assume relationship counselling is just about married couples who have experienced an affair or are unhappy within their relationship. But as well as helping you to improve your relationship, get over a break-up or manage a separation constructively, relationship counselling supports:

  • single people
  • same sex couples
  • families affected by relationships
  • people with sexual identity concerns
  • couples or individuals with sexual problems relating to previous experiences, disabilities or addictions like pornography.

And it’s wide ranging too, as it can help with past, present or future relationships.


When people access relationship counselling services for help, they are often worried, anxious or concerned that the experience they are having cannot be resolved or that somehow it is ‘just them’?

But this is not correct. Relationships know no boundaries and can affect anyone at any time regardless of background, culture, religion or status in life. However, it is often a stressful period in life that can trigger or highlight difficulties that may have been simmering under the surface of a relationship for some time.

Finding the right help is crucial to supporting you with a personal or relationship issue and helping you work through any problems you are experiencing.  

So, what can you do?

If you no longer feel you can sort it out on your own or with family or friends support, a professional, experienced and qualified counsellor can help you to acknowledge, discuss and plan how you can move forward together or as individuals, if that’s the choice you make. 

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Warwick, CV34
Written by All About People Ltd
Warwick, CV34

Miriam Bannon is clinical director and owner of All About People Ltd, a well-established private and professional counselling practice in Royal Leamington Spa. Miriam and her team of highly experienced and accredited therapists offer support for a wide range of issues including one-to-one and couples counselling to overcome relationship problems.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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