What is Counselling?

The nature and purpose of counselling is to provide a non-judgemental, confidential, pressure free space in which people can freely explore their thoughts and feelings.
Every individual has an actualising tendency, which gives them the capacity to develop and reach their full potential.

Sometimes in our lives we lose sight of our direction and experience inner unrest or we may experience something traumatic that rocks our foundations.

Counselling can provide the right facilitative climate and framework for people to safely visit their own turmoil.
Counselling operates through conversation and discussion, it focusses on the conscious processes that each individual experiences, helping them to understand themselves better. 

Human nature is essentially constructive and growth orientated. There is a tendency to move towards becoming all that we can and a need to learn what it is that motivates us?

Counselling does not impose personal views upon the client. It is there to facilitate the clients discovery of self and to support people through trauma, emotional confusion and inner unrest.

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Glossop SK13 & Bredbury SK6

Written by Janet Greenwood

Glossop SK13 & Bredbury SK6

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