Well-being 5-a-day

The world at the moment seems to be a harsh and very negative environment. Often, despite our best efforts we get caught up in all the negativity which can begin to diminish our well-being.

We can become overwhelmed by internal and external events, feeling unable to cope. We might also find ourselves reverting back to childhood thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The well-being 5-a-day are about rebuilding and maintaining our emotional and psychological resources:

1. Connecting with people around us
Even saying a simple 'Hello' starts to remove us from the insular world which worry and anxiety can put us into.

2. Being active
Going for a walk or a run can kick-start the natural, happy serotonin produced by the body and will blow the cobwebs from our thoughts. 

3. Doing something for a friend or a stranger
A random act of kindness can take us out of ourselves and reconnect us with those around us. 

4. Learning something new
Discovering something new or rediscovering an old interest can bring back enthusiasm. Our pastimes and activities can sometimes be diminished and dropped when life is governed by fear and worry, but so often they are the light in our day or week and keep us grounded. 

5. Take notice of the world around you
Be curious. Be aware of the beauty that does exist in this world - a beautiful sunrise, giggling children, a smile from a loved one.

When we are better able to manage our world, we cannot help but impact a little on those around us. As we learn to manage things better, those around us may be able to do the same. 

Action for the month

Incorporate at least one of the 5-a-day into your routine over the month and consider the outcome.

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Written by Jane Kershaw, MBACP
Bristol BS9 & BS14

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