Weight Loss or Weight Release?

Loss or release? What's the difference I hear you ask, and does it really matter? After all as long as the weight has gone who cares how it went?

It may seem like unnecessary hair-splitting, but it highlights two very different approaches to the issue; one based in self-judgement, the other in loving acceptance.

The weight loss method typically means restricting food, noticing fault with your body and finds you gravitating towards the fridge at night. It's based on wanting to get rid of the extra weight as fast as possible and has you focused on the goal of a new (acceptable) body. Magically, your life will be transformed once this aim has been reached – with confidence perhaps or maybe vibrant health or a new relationship. The expectation is that it will solve your problems!

When you release weight, it speaks of liberating the weight, of allowing it to go. It points to an acceptance of the whole of yourself, whatever your size or weight, and the desire for self care. Its foundation is eating from physical rather than emotional hunger and being compassionate towards yourself when you do eat compulsively. Rather than focusing on some future goal or reward, it is based in the present, and embraces what and who you are right now.

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