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Spring – a season of new ventures and ideas

For the past few weeks, Nature has displayed an array of fresh signs that Spring is here. Birds singing and busy making nests, delightful Spring flowers bringing colour in the garden, the Earth warming up and daylight growing. The winds have been blowing away the remains of Winter and Nature is in full flow with new life and new growth. If you pause for a moment and tune into this rising Spring energy, you can connect with a sense that a new cycle has begun.

Now is a good time to renew yourself, to make fresh plans for your personal growth and to begin by putting them into motion. This article is an invitation for readers to give some thought to how they go about making fresh plans for growth and renewal.

Sometimes, you may be tempted to seek changes and new things with an "out with the old, in with the new" approach: choosing one to replace the other. This can be rather harsh on you and actually may not bring about the desired outcomes. If, however, you approach change in a more conscious and inclusive way, by respecting and honouring the old ways that actually served you well at some point in your life, even if you have now outgrown them, you are more likely to experience successful outcomes.

Voice Dialogue is a powerful therapeutic tool which can assist you with your internal “spring cleaning” and support you as you make changes in your life. Its practice is based on the theory of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process created and developed by American Psychotherapists Hal and Sidra Stone. The ground-breaking methodology offers positive outcomes, not by getting rid of unwanted feelings, thoughts or behaviours and replacing them by ones deemed more acceptable, but rather by respecting and honouring the old ways of being and allowing new ways to emerge which can then be embraced. The process is gentle, respectful and inclusive and is carried out with enquiry and sensitivity.

So, as you contemplate new things for yourself this Spring, honour and respect "the old" and be gentle with yourself.

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