Valentine’s Day – surely the most romantic day?

Following many recent surge to divorce inquiries in January, who would want to think about upcoming 14th February, also known as Valentine's day or World Marriage Day? Well known to be associated with romantic love, and widely celebrated and joyous day of the year; more cards are exchanged (anonymously) today than any other times of the year, millions of red roses are given or delivered, relationships begun and blossomed today. Marriage proposal triggered many engagements, my own included!

But for some people, this fairy tale is not necessarily so, especially if their love life is non-existant or their relationship is deteriorating. For these people, it is a painful reminder that there is no such thing as happily ever after. The whirlwind romance may lead to marriage which ends as quickly in divorce.   

Do not be caught up in the statistics, it is just another day.

However, if your relationship is failing and you want to reignite those flames, why not invest in your personal development through counselling or psychotherapy to explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours in your relationship. Working through your own values will promote self-awareness. It can help you discover and establish boundaries within your relationship. It can help you discover your many roles in your life such as being a wife/husband/spouse/partner, a mother/father, a daughter/son, a colleague, or a friend.      

A relationship is a way in which two or more people are connected, joined or associated. Unless you live a solitude life, whether by choice or by chance it is most agreeable that you are in relationship. It is healthy for us to be connected and in contact with someone we love or care for. After all we are social animals. 

If you feel anxious or distressed about any particular relationships that you are in, counselling and psychotherapy can help your explore various issues within those relationship. Learning new tools, assertive skills and coping strategies can improve your self-perception.   

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