Understanding Depression

There is much written and many studies done on depression and its causes, however this is not intended to be a scientific paper. Rather it is simply an introduction to the subject and some of the possible benefits that can be used simply in every day life especially if you can use NLP and coaching.

Depression is a particular emotional state where a person feels horrid inside themselves and it is not the same sadness. You can feel sad and even bereaved with out being depressed. When a person is depressed, they have an internal state that does not agree with anything on the outside. For instance, a depressed person feels isolated and unloved, yet frequently they are surrounded by people who genuinely love them. The depressed person however cannot see it, feel it or experience that love in any shape or form. In fact so convinced that they are an absolute stinker that they believe that every one around them would be better of with out them, or for the paranoid type, that every one is out to do them harm and this gives them further proof that they are truly, unimaginably bad.
In the depressed person there can be such a depth of self loathing that they wish to completely destroy themselves.

Imagine for a moment, how would you feel if someone else hated you and they acted like it all the time. It would feel horrible wouldn’t it? Well that’s what it is like for a person who is depressed, only it is they that are being hated by themselves.

The thing that is important to understand is that the person has become completely stuck, in a negative groove and in order to change things the individual has to do the very things that they least want to do like: not sleeping very long, maybe a maximum of 4 hours just for one or two nights, or taking 30 minutes of vigorous exercise (preferably outdoors) each and every day. Even changing diet patterns to eliminate starches and sugars for a while. While this may sound too simple doing some or all of these things can create improvement if not actually cure. There are many more things that can help also, do ask me about it.

But the most important thing of all this is to change the wrongful internal representation of who you believe you are. For instance, what if you are wrong and all the people around you, who claim to care, actually do? Or what if you could just see yourself through other people’s eyes? Or just as a possibility, people really did like love you even? What then….?

For now I just want you to think of the last time you felt happy, go on do it… now place yourself in the actual picture as if you are there now, see what you saw with your own eyes, here the sounds you heard with your ears and feel your body’s sessions. Now really fantasise you are there now feel it taste it be in it for real. Bring back to now all those lovely feelings, I bet you’re smiling a little even as you read this. Now just check with yourself do you feel any degree of improvement, likelihood is that you do, it may not last but it proves the point that it is possible to change your internal state simply by what you think about.

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Written by Lena Fenton Psychosexual Counselling

Lena Fenton is a specialist in Couples Counselling, with more than 25 years of experience she provides a safe and objective environment within the online sessions This can enable you to explore any difficulties or issues in your relationship and with better understanding you can then develop better ways of relating. Ultimately achieving happier more fulfilling relationships all round.As a Couples … Read more

Written by Lena Fenton Psychosexual Counselling

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