Treating Allergies with PSYCH-K® in one session

An allergy is, among other things, an expression of energy. Typically we can free the energy used in coughing, sneezing, making watery eyes or welts, for use in enjoying the outdoors, animal friends, the food we like; in short - enjoying life. This is a process of transforming limitations into possibilities.

In the study and research of psychoneuroimmunology, it is found that frequently allergies are related to a person - or an event or situation - rather than to a substance, food, or animal. Somewhere along the way the subconscious mind associates the substance, food, or animal with a person - someone meaningful - and the conscious mind interprets the problem as lying with something outside rather than inside.

If the allergy is not to a person, it could be a reaction to a situation or event. The allergy might also contain a message.

The PSYCH-K® processes are non-invasive, powerful, simple and highly effective. Users are usually dumbfounded and in disbelief with the results, having felt restricted for many years. 

A typical session usually runs for up to two hours with step one - Using muscle testing in determining the true nature of the allergy and if it is in fact to a human, event or situation or if it carries a message. 

In PSYCH-K muscle testing is used as a guide and to establish communication with the subconscious and superconscious, who knows everything there is to know about the individual, and chooses the right balances to determine the change processes.

Step two - PSYCH-K balances are facilitated to transform the relationship with the person, situation or event or to receive the message once identified. 

The overall processes work to identify the limiting perception and subconscious belief patterns/association around the source of irritation (person, event or situation). Once new healthier beliefs are identified and balanced into the subconscious mind of the individual, their perception changes and the allergy enters into spontaneous remission within days. Limitations then become possibilities once again.

PSYCH-K works with the mind/body connection and consults with the 'Mind Doctor' to facilitate natural healing, and empowers you to create the life you really want!

Success stories
During a PSYCH-K session, a woman presented an allergy to horses. During a resolution balance, she recalled that at seven years of age she was in the car with her grandfather on the way to his farm. At the farm she was going to ride horses, and was very excited. Grandpa fell asleep at the steering wheel, and was about to run through a red light. The girl was old enough to know how dangerous that would be, and in a panic shouted at her grandfather to wake up. He did, and stopped in time, but by then the girl's subconscious mind had associated horses with her grandfather, and with nearly being killed on the road to the farm. This panic, now stored, was expressed as allergic symptoms whenever she was near horses.

Another woman had an apparent allergy to sweet corn. She was extremely close to both her grandparents, who were very nurturing and a daily part of her young life. She also loved the brand 'Green Giant' sweet buttery corn that came in a package for boiling. It was fun to make and great to eat, but her mother never bought this kind of corn; it was a special treat at only her grandparents house. At six years old this woman learned that the family was moving to a new city 500 miles away from her grandma and grandpa. she worried that she would never see them again, a gut wrenching thought. Her subconscious mind associated corn with being torn away from these very loving people. Ever after (until PSYCH-K balancing) eating corn would create diarrhea.

"I have been fussing over my cat, since the session and so far so good. Yay! PSYCH-K rocks!"

“Beliefs can be a major source of illness and a major force in treatment.” Herbert Benson M.D – Timeless Healing


PSYCH-K® has a proven record of over 25 yrs and is accepted in three major fields - neuroscience, psychotherapy and business (PER-K® - Performance, Results, Energy – Key to sustainable change) it is fast expanding in Europe and there is a growing client demand and limited therapist supply.

You might not have heard of PSYCH-K yet... but you will!

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