Top holistic tips to reduce your stress levels

Here's some holistic tips that will help you dealing with the daily stress of your life, whether it’s related to work, relationships or challenging situations.

  • Be organised. Improve your ability to manage time by keeping a diary and setting SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely - goals for your day. Then follow your plan of action and you will soon see the benefits.
  • Be healthy. If you want to fight stress, you can’t ignore your physical needs. You will need to allow your body to rest by sleeping eight hours per night. Then, defuse your body through regular physical activity and detox through a correct diet. This will help you feel healthier and reduce the physical symptoms of stress.
  • Do what you like. We constantly do things because "we have to"; so, take some time every single day to do one thing that you really like and enjoy it, even if it’s something small. This will certainly change your mood and help your worries fade.
  • Learn to say no. I understand it is difficult to say no to your boss, to a friend, your partner or a relative. Nevertheless, as soon as you set certain boundaries, you will suddenly feel relieved. Many situations can change and, once you start saying no, the burden won't be on just your shoulders and you can share it with others in your environment. People will also appreciate your assertiveness!
  • Ask for help and support. Reach out to an empathetic friend to share your worries and don’t close yourself off ruminating. At work, you can learn to delegate. If you feel that the levels of stress are unbearable, you may consider speaking with a professional therapist who will help you stop life from spiraling out of control.
  • Focus on the positive. Don’t let a small spot ruin the entire picture; when you start ruminating and repeating negative or anxious statements, switch to the positive. Focus on the positive in your life and feel grateful for it! 

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London, W8 6UG

Written by Francesca Moresi

London, W8 6UG

I am a psychotherapist and an occupational psychologist based in Kensington and in the City of London. With over 10 years of study, research and practice with clients from around the world, I will guide you towards reaching a unique perspective on life and relationships. My method is highly effective and you will soon perceive the benefits of it.

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