How often do we say or hear the words ‘I am so tired!’ or ‘I was just too tired!’ Tiredness, or fatigue, seems to be a very common ‘complaint’ within our modern western society. But does it need to be? I would like to suggest that it doesn’t have to be that way and that there are a number of factors that can contribute to the exhaustion many of us regularly feel, which could be eliminated. We will look at the first three possible reasons.

Insufficient sleep
This is so obvious it is almost embarrassing to mention it. Yet how many of us insist on burning the candle at both ends? Making sure we have enough sleep demands discipline; an ability to prioritise and say no to those things that would keep us up long after we should have gone to bed.

For some of us, we go to bed at a reasonable time, but struggle to get to sleep, wake frequently, or wake early and then can’t go back to sleep. There might be a number of reasons for this. Maybe we have over-stimulated our minds or our bodies and haven’t had an adequate period to chill or calm down. A simple investigation of how we spend the last hour before we retire may be all that is required. Alternatively, some may be struggling with anxiety and/or depression which severely interferes with the quality of their sleep. Talking through these issues with a trusted friend or counsellor/therapist may be what is required in this case.

Some of our tiredness may be due to doing too much; of being ‘workaholics’. Questioning how much we are working, what leisure we allow ourselves, what is our balance between rest and work is then needed to address this area. One simple rule of thumb could be to try and slow down, rather than rushing from one thing to another, constantly trying to beat the clock. Perhaps the inclusion of a time each day when we find somewhere where we can be still is what is required so that we can develop an inner quiet place and a still heart.

Travelling on the underground some time ago, I was horrified to see the following on an advert: ‘Are you fed up with being tired? Take these pills, and fatigue will become a thing of the past!’ Whatever happened to having time off? To developing a hobby? To having a balanced lifestyle, so that what we demand from our bodies is more than met by what we put into them?
Next time, we will look at three more possible causes of tiredness/fatigue. Meanwhile, if you would like to know more then please feel free to contact me.

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Written by Tricia Johnson MBACP (Senior Accredited) Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer

Hello and welcome to my page.I have been helping people with psychological issues for over 30 years, and originally went for counselling training because others would often seek me out to listen to their problems and difficulties. My own background and past difficulties mean that I have a good understanding of where others may be coming from.I use a designated room in my home which is comfortable … Read more

Written by Tricia Johnson MBACP (Senior Accredited) Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer

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