Tips on How To Live A Fruitful Life

Remember every day is a unique set of opportunities to have great adventures but we need to have an inner silence and most of all a self belief in order to really enjoy this journey of a lifetime.

Even as a child we first learnt to crawl and one day stand up and hobble about until we are able to walk, Wow! what freedom, probably the most wonderful adventure for a baby is to take its first steps. A wise person once told us that when we go through the motion of walking, what we are doing, in effect, is going through a controlled fall. We lean forward with our upper body and throw out a leg just in time. That's why even a small crack in the pavement can tip us over.

Psychologically and emotionally, for many people life is constantly a series of leaning into life, yearning, dreaming, pining and occasionally missing their footing and falling over. Many of us are so often dissatisfied with what we are and with what we have. So we seek someone or something to lift us up. People in general want to be declared special - want an easy life, everything delivered on a plate by the universe and are dissapointed when this does not happen. Perhaps this is why so many read or watch the movie, 'The Secret' or some self help books, and then feel so disappointed when success doesn't happen. In the process of leaning its easy to trash ones emotional balance and drift from one gratification to another, existing on the edge of balance and the ability to control. Then a casual remark, a small setback and psychologically and emotionally your energy collapses and you fall on your nose.

The initial point in consolidating your silent power is to discipline yourself to stop leaning. When you feel a desperate need to lean in on someone, that's a signal that its time for you to exercise control in your life and play the game of Standing Straight in your Life. Here are a couple of tips that we have found invaluable:

1. don't lean towards things that you haven't already got. Affirm, visualize and take action instead.

2. Make a new future beginning here and now by making moves towards what you consider are useful to you and will benefit others as well. make the 'Now' special honouring what you do have and have achieved.

3. Begin to rely less on others and attempt to need only those things that you need for yourself and don't take others energies either emotionally or intellectually. Leaning on others is a sure sign of insecurity and your neediness can make the other person very uncomfortable and this tends to drive that person away from you.

4. Silent power is a strength that you can quietly express, not one you wield. It is born from the seeds of self-control.

The Tao Te Ching Says:
To understand others is to have knowledge;
To understand yourself is to be illuminated.
To conquer others needs strength;
To conquer onself is harder still.
To be content with what one has is to be rich....

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