Time, too much or too little

Many of us have an adversarial relationship with time. We catch ourselves saying ‘too little time’, ‘too much time’. Saying phrases like these can often exacerbate the problem, reconfirming apparent frustrations. It would appear time is beyond our control. It often rushes past, then on some days when we want time to pass quickly it takes far too long.

What steps can you take to create changes in your daily life? It might help that you imagine yourself in the future.


Imagine you have been given only a short time to live. Assume that you will live relatively symptom free (for this exercise).

  • How do you wish to spend this last few months?
  • Who would you spend time with?
  • How would you spend time?
  • How might you achieve satisfaction and peace before you die?

Having written or thought about your responses. Explore your responses as these may hold valuable insights into how you might go forward and best prioritise your time, honouring yourself and living more fully.

It may be useful...

Get control of your time, take charge and allocate time for what you love, keep a calendar. Scheduling what really matters to you may be the only impetus you have to do what you love. Remember also the the only way to make more time is to simplify things or even alter how you approach usual everyday tasks. 

  • What are the things you wish you had more time for in your life?
  • Are there activities you may consolidate or eliminate in order that you free yourself for those things you hold in high regard, value and enjoy?

In short

In a busy world the above implores you to stop, pause and question what you want and need and how you might go about creating change. There are many similar exercise’s which can be offered and everybody is unique and individual. It may be worth trying a few on your own or with the support of a trained and experienced professional. Question yourself, challenge your own assumptions, values and prejudices. Prioritise yourself, make time where there is none.

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