The power of positive self talk

Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't and start loving yourself for everything you are!

Lets begin to focus on looking for positive qualities you have within you rather than all negative thoughts you believe about yourself.

Time to change your old habits and create new ways of thinking to improve your well-being.

Positive self talk really works with time and continuous practice of mindfulness.

Here are some ways to begin to break down your negative thoughts and focus on positive ways of thinking:

  • I'm okay and you are okay even though we are different.
  • It's okay to be different.
  • I like myself for ............
  • I am kind because ...........
  • People say they like me because ...........
  • Today I will feel okay because ...............
  • I will try and find one positive thing about today, it was .............?
  • Today I will make an effort to smile at people I pass as I walk down the street.
  • Its okay if they don't smile back, they are busy in their world and I am making an effort in mine to feel  happier from within.
  • It's okay to say 'no thank you' if I don't want to go out and meet a friend or group of people who bring drama each time I see them.
  • It's okay to have alone time and enjoy my own company if that is what I like.

Discovering your own way in life can be challenging but with positive self talk you can get through your day in a safer way - believe in yourself and find your inner courage.

Begin this new journey by fighting against the spiralling down feelings of darkness.

Take control of the thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down from all the negative emotions you are feeling. In the here and now ask yourself how kind are you being to yourself? 

Find a quiet time each and every day and give yourself the space to really begin to question what you are thinking, some find talk therapy a useful tool for this. Ask yourself, how helpful are your thoughts to you in the here and now?

Find safe ways to practice positive self talk and begin to feel a difference in your daily living as you acknowledge you are gaining control again over your negative thoughts and be proud of yourself for the changes you can make.

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 4US
Written by Maggie Murray, Counsellor/Psychotherapist RegMBACP (Accred) Supervisor
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 4US

Maggie Murray qualified and registered MBACP, experienced Integrative Counsellor.

My approach and way of working is from a humanistic perspective which focuses on personal growth enabling a person to think about their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

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