Where does Hope Come From?

Sometimes everything can seem hopeless, dark, overwhelming and you can't see a way of coping alone.  Thinking of therapy in desperation does not feel hopeful at this stage.  Thinking and seeking therapy, however can be seen as hope because you want things to get better.  This is a natural part of being human - wanting things to improve.  

How Is Hope Activated?

Seeking therapy is looking for direction.  Therapy can be helpful because when you just can't do it alone - finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is part of the process.  In order to express your feelings to them you need to feel they are empathic to you.  Expressing your inner feelings means you become less overwhelmed by them and in time become able to look at different ways around issues.  

How Hope Develops

Seeing new or different ways around issues  can open up choices to you that you were unable to see when you were overwhelmed and stuck.   Being able to see realistic choices develops the hope process.  As you work within the therapy you are more clearly able to start seeing ways towards choices you make in your life.

How is Hope Sustained?  

Working in therapy can help you discover different ways forwards in order to achieve decisions you make.  As these ways forward seem realistic and become reachable you energy and motivation is freed up from being held back. 

Preventing Set backs

It is important to express how you feel in relation to progress you make so you can more clearly see any obstacles potentially in your way.  Talking about these can help prevent obstacles from depleting your energy.

To Sum Up   

  • Hope is natural
  • Hope is activated by wanting things to get better
  • Hope  is developed by more clearly seeing potential ways forwards
  • Hope is sustained by believing realistic goals can be reached
  • Prevention of losing hope is seeing where possible obstacles are aswell as being able to see pathways forwards         

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Preston, Lancashire, PR4
Written by Tamara Green, MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy MBACP Accredited
Preston, Lancashire, PR4

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